How to tackle Bad Hair Days

Let`s admit we all have days when we are getting late for work or a meeting and have absolutely no time to wash our hair. The hair is oily, greasy — an absolute mess. What do we do? Here are some tips and tricks to save your day!

  1. Hat — If the scalp is too oily, then cover your head by wearing a hat or a tie a scarf. Pair it with a cute outfit, you are good to go!
  2. Bun — Nothing beats the good ol` messy bun. Pair with a cute sweatshirt, blue denim, sneakers and your casual look is all set.
  3. Hairband — Bit old-fashioned, but a hairband looks perfect with a day dress and loafers. This look is great for movie or lunch dates.
  4. Dry Shampoo — Well all the above tips are great. However, what if you don`t want to compromise your hairstyle. You want to let your hair down and pair with any outfit you like. Natural Dry Shampoo comes to the rescue! Just sprinkle a small amount on your scalp, massage gently, brush your hair lightly and voila! Your hair looks as good as if you washed them using shampoo. All it takes is just 2 minutes!



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Namrata Agarwal

Founder @ eco-warrior — trying to make sustainable choices one day at a time.